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Booking and management service for salons.

You can now reserve barbers in your favorite salons on your preferred time with our salon booking app.
Save time and arrive at the salon whenever you like!
Salon owners can fully manage their salons with our Business App. We offer insightful analytical information for tracking and growing salons. Barbers can easily manage their schedule and take appointments.
All bookings will be fully paid for!

Checkout Our Apps

Blacour - Salon Booking App

- No more waiting⌛ in Salons!⌚Book salon visits on your preferred time
- 🏪Choose from several salons based on the services they provide, how close they are, and their cost.
- 💇Select a barber based on their experience, availability, or the time they take to complete services
- 🧭Tap on the salon's address to open Google Maps and head to their location.

Blacour Business - For Salons

For Salon Owners :
- Analyse the earnings of salons 💹 and individual barbers using analytics📈 within our app
- Manage salon services💇 and prices💵 easily within our app
- Manage barbers💇‍♂️, their bookings🤳 and their schedules📅
- From the first day of use, the app will have a complete client database🧾.

For Barbers :
- Manage schedules📅 and accept bookings for next 7 days
- Choose how much time⌛ you want to devote to each service.

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