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Booking and management services for salons

You can now reserve barbers in your favorite salons on your preferred time with our salon booking app.
Save time and arrive at the salon whenever you like!
Salon owners can fully manage their salons with our Business App. We offer insightful analytical information for tracking and growing salons. Barbers can easily manage their schedule and take appointments.
All bookings will be fully paid for!

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"At Blacour, we've revolutionized salon experiences. For clients, enjoy hassle-free bookings, selecting salons and barbers based on preferences. Salon owners benefit from seamless analytics, service management, and a robust client database. Barbers can streamline schedules and bookings, optimizing time for personalized service."

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Blacour - Salon Booking App

Book salon visits at your convenience⌚, choosing from various salons based on services, proximity, and cost. 💇‍♂️ Select experienced barbers with flexible availability for a personalized grooming experience. No more waiting⌛, just the perfect salon experience!

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Blacour Business - For Salons

Salon Owners: 💹 Monitor salon and barber earnings with in-app analytics📈, effortlessly manage services💇‍♀️ and prices💵, and organize barber schedules📅 and bookings🤳. Enjoy a comprehensive client database🧾 from day one.

Barbers: 📅 Efficiently manage schedules, accepting bookings for the next 7 days. ⌛ Customize service times for personalized time management. Stay in control of your appointments with ease!

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