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Beauty Salon

About Us

We were tired of waiting in salons for our turn. So we thought, why not make an app and book appointments on our time so that Barbers would be free for us when we visit Salons.

In the process, we met various barbers and salon owners who were looking for an efficient system to manage their salons digitally.

And so we came up with these solutions :

For Salon Visitors

Blacour - Salon Booking App

No More Waiting

No more waiting⌛ in Salons!⌚

Book salon visits at your preferred time

Personalized Grooming Experiences

Enjoy personalized grooming experiences by choosing your favorite 💇barber, ensuring a consistent and tailored service every time.

Discover & Choose

 Explore a variety of salons🏪, view reviews and prices to select one that suits you

Book Ahead

Plan your grooming routine efficiently by booking appointments up to 7 days in advance, ensuring availability at your preferred time slots

For Salon Owners

Blacour Business - For Salons

Effortless Salon Management

Effortlessly manage📱 your salon operations, from adding and removing barbers to editing schedules and services, all in one place.

Smart Pricing Control

Take control of your salon's pricing strategy💵 by easily editing service prices directly from the app to stay competitive and maximize revenue.

Data-Driven Insights

Track salon performance📊 with detailed earnings analytics, comparing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue for salon and barbers.

Streamlined Booking History

Access a streamlined booking history📝 for each barber, providing essential customer details, and services received to optimize business decisions

For Barbers

Blacour Business - For Salons

Efficient Schedule Management

Effortlessly manage your schedule by uploading availability and receiving bookings for the next 7 days, ensuring optimal time utilization.

Empowered Booking Control

Take control of your bookings by setting your schedule, empowering you to control your availability and provide seamless services to your clients.

Complete Booking Insight

Access detailed insights into your customer booking history, including customer names, services provided, date and time slots, and total earnings.

Streamlined Earnings Tracking

Track your earnings seamlessly with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly analytics, allowing you to monitor and compare your financial performance over time

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